The activities fostered within the choir setting allow members to sing, to learn music and to perform solos or sing in a small group ensemble. We also enjoy social outings together and have fun as a group.

Our aim is to have a viable substantial choir of sufficient numbers to produce high quality singing that the community would support and be proud of. In order to progress, Choral Workshops conducted by eminent musicians are offered to members and other choirs each year, along with a variety concert that showcases local talent. The SeaSide Singers are in demand as a community choir, performing for a variety of festivals, events and civic occasions.

The SSS Ensemble is a small choral group (12) formed within the SSS choir to allow and encourage choir members / serious singers to progress, learn different types of songs and music styles and practise to perform in public for functions where a smaller number of singers is required.

To be a member of the Ensemble, one has to be a member of the choir and audition.